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The pearls made by Filevi are known by many world famous people (his majesty the king Gustav and her majesty the Queen Silvia from Sweden; the famous singer Ruslana from Ukraine and many others)

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Slavianka Fileva with the grandson Michailo Filev


In 1928 in Ohrid, my grandfather Mihailo Filev, son of Nikola Filev , a renowned caterer and owner of the restaurant which at the time was called "Great Srrbija”, met in the restaurant  a mysterious guest named Jovan Subanovich. He came as immigrant from distant Russia, incidentally in the Balkans in Ohrid - Macedonia. Remaining here a long time, he developed a great friendship with  my grandfather. Walking along  the shores of Lake Ohrid and talking on many issues and life stories, one day the two friends  saw  fishermen,   uncles of my grandfather. The fishermen  carried baskets of plashica, endemic kind of  fish,  living in Lake Ohrid.

When Jovan saw the fish, he realized that he can reveal here the secret that he carried with him from Russia, from Lake Baikal. And this secret was in the fish plashica, out of whose scales pearls can be made. As a sign of the great friendship Jovan introduced my grandfather to the secret  technique for pearl making, craft which was not known in Ohrid before.

View Project Nikola Filev (left), the mother Slavianka Fileva and the father Michailo Filev


Henceforth, the Filevi family begins with the craft of pearl making, passing the family secret from generation to generation, from father to son.
Through more than 80 years , the pearl jewellery of Filevi , becomes a recognizable product, with the epithet “Original Ohrid pearl”.

As a leading souvenir of the city of Ohrid and a recognizable  brand of the Republic of Macedonia, our pearls decorate the necks and enrich the jewellery collections of many people in Macedonia and around the world.  

New creations are a challenge for me, the grandson of Mihailo Filev, for continuing  the long family tradition.